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“The project ran both on time and within budget - backed by an established consulting team, main contractor, and sub-contractors. Isipani’s impressive ability to deliver in the built environment via old-school principles, application, and modern construction methodology led to a very satisfactory client experience. We are excited about the prospect of building further on the already established business relationship between Growthpoint and Isipani.”Manuel Maragelis (Client), Growthpoint

“We have a very long and positive relationship with Isipani. One of SLTA’s partners remembers dealing with founder J van der Sluys (snr) in the mid 1970’s when he was still a young architect. That certainly brings back good memories and the value of respect that was established at the time. We have since worked with Isipani on a variety of interesting and rewarding projects and hope to continue doing so in the future. We wish Isipani every success in maintaining the high standards they have set for themselves over so many decades.” Shanne Truter (Architect), Steyn Le Roux Truter Architects

“I prefer to work with Isipani Construction. The commitment of the directors inspires confidence. If there are comebacks, which are unavoidable in this industry, they don’t ask questions. They just fix them. Even two to three years after completion of the project.”Sakkie Rust (Architect), Malherbe Rust Architects

“Isipani were excellent team players, diligent and proactive. They always went the extra mile to achieve all the project’s milestones. The project was completed on time within a very tight and demanding time frame and budget. All thanks to Isipani.” Warren Mostert (Engineer), Shelly Maritz Consulting Engineers (Bigen Africa)

“The success of our projects rests on the ability of an entire project team (i.e. contractor, consultants and client) to work together in achieving a collective goal. In the light of this, especially on the tough projects that they’ve worked on, I can honestly testify that Isipani’s values are aligned to our values and they do live up to their ethos “Teamwork Builds Quality”. We have never doubted Isipani commitment and perseverance to complete our projects and the long hours and hard work have never gone unnoticed. It has been a privilege to work with you on our projects and we look forward to partnering with you on our future endeavours.” — Shaun Barnard (Client), Pepkor